Visit to a church orphanage in Kumba

The founder and president of HIBA Mr. Eddy Bruno with guest from Austria and Crew in Cameroon visiting Cleric Orphanage on the 31.12.2014 in Cameroon to support children with basic needs and social welfare. 25 children benefited from our support and welfare protections. We offer them with cloths, playing toys, didactic materals (pen, pencils, bags etc.) and some other stuff to reduce the rate of child poverty and inequality in the society

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2 thoughts on “Visit to a church orphanage in Kumba”

  1. I was going through orphanages in kumba anf came across  yours. I live in Kumba and would like to know the ages of children in your orphanage.  What are some of their pressing needs? I may have some dulls for them and may be able to provide something small with regards their pressing need. 



    1. I am a philanthropist living in Austria but i support varieties of Orphanage in various part of Cameroon. The best way of supporting is to let me know where you are actually. I will soon be flying to cameroon and we can discuss, if its possible for you to ship the stuff directly to cameroon. In that case, i can collect them when i arrive there.
      May i ask where are you exactly and if you have a FB account we can communicate accurately there. Here is my FB account: Bruno Eddy

      Thanks for your concern

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