2. Phase – Nursery School

2en Phase of Nursery school Project 2015.
We handed over some benches to the school on the 31 0f December 2014 as the second Phase of the Nursery School Project that have to occured from December 2014 up till December 2015. The 3rd Phase is already in planing where we are expecting the acceptance and signature of the Government Administrator permiting us to continued with the buildings of the structure. The construction and building of the structure shall shall begin during the first 1/4 of the year. The land have already been handed during the kickoff ceremony of the Nursery School Project at the temporary School premisses which was attended not only by Mr Eddy Bruno the founder , President of HIBA but a Group of Guest from Austgria as well as HIBA Crew in Cameroon. The president and founder of HIBa would be traveling again as soon as possible to cameroon in other to personally assist during the building of the structure.

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