1st. Global/African Philanthropy Research Conference – 09/04/2016

The first Global/Africa Philanthropy Research Conference took place on the 09th of April 2016 in Ursulinensaal, OK Platz Linz – Austria. It was open by the initiator and Organizer Eddy Bruno.
The conference began from 09am up till 16pm. Moreover, the guest speaker was Dr. Christopher Fomuyong, a Philanthropist living in the USA.
The Topic of the conference is “Nurturing Global Philanthropy for Africa`s Sustainable Development”.
During the conference there were presentation of Papers and project about various socio-economic, political, and environmental policy fields with focus on (Sub-Saharan) Africa. Papers and projects were submitted from African scholars in Cameroon, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Germany, Austria, and USA. Additionally, the results of the conference show improvement of welfare and social policy fields in Africa.
It focused on mutual learning, networking, promote best practices, and enable synergies and collaboration. These aspects support to discuss, identify challenges and priorities for a number of important issues about the role of philanthropy in welfare and social policy arena in Africa as well as research. The Participants came worldwide from Africa, Asia, Europe and USA. They consist of Executives, Policy makers, post graduate students, scholars, foundations, trust, grant-givers, university, professors, entrepreneurs, start-ups, African communities, African Diaspora, (social) policy research. A handful of participants attended the one day conference.

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