2th Global/African Philanthropy Research Conference |21-23/10/2016

The second worldwide conference to ‚Äúnurturing global Philanthropy for Africa`s sustainable development is taking place on the 21-23 October 2016 in IBIS HOTEL Linz/Austria. The Conference objectives are to nurture and enhance a culture of Global/African Philanthropy giving and resource mobilization through effective grant making, advocacy, and networking. Participants and collaborators are drawn from Community Foundations, Family Trusts/Foundation, Individual Foundations/Trusts, Corporate Foundation, Researchers, Institutions, Investors, Universities, Scholars, Policymakers and others\’ types of Grant\’s making and non-grant making organizations worldwide.

The conference topic is

“Paving the gateway into Philanthropy Leadership and Entrepreneuship for sustainable (African) society”

Our focus will be on Networking, Health and Childcare, Young people school to employment transition, Education policy, Migration-African-Refugees, Intercultural competence, and “Green”Job Creation in African Community

Additionally, there shall be exhibitions and showcase of african Entrepreneuers and startup, series of value-added workshops, and training (Inter cultural competence, Capacity building, Nonprofit finance and sustainability, drafting of concept & proposals, etc.) from more than 10 competence facilitators. However, the will also be exchange of best practices, presentation of research papers/projects, and building of bridges with sysnergy. Call for papers/projects that shows evidence and findings from global africa continent are currently submitted.

Moreover, following themes will be discussed during the conference, presentation, and working groups:
Gender & Sustainability, Women and Children, Healthcare, Hygiene & Sustainability, Youth & Leadership, Environment & Sustainability, Diaspora, Remittances & Sustainable Economy, Labour market, employment and “green” Jobs creation, Startsup, Entrepreneuship & Sustainability, Culture, Arts and Sustainability, Global/African Migration, Integration & Diaspora, Education & Sustainability, Finance & sustainability. Human Rights and African Refugees, Peacekeeping, Conflicts and sustainability, Political Institutions, Good governance & Sustainability, etc.

Please contact the under Email for the conference organisation agenda. All participants are responsible for their VISA requirements and deposite at the embassy. Please kindly check the Austrian Embassy at your country of residence for any VISA procedues..

Powered by Hilfsverein-Baileke ( HIBA ) Foundation
Bruno Eddy
Organizer/Project Leader

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