The power of Training !


Training is an active labour market policy measures that guarantee, activate, and give participants with active methods and tools to handle contemporary aspects, especially in education systems. It can also increase the conduct and performance of trainees that will serve as multiplication. As active labour market policy, participants will come out motivated with new skills and competencies how to carry out their duties.

According to a report from Kenya , more than 200 nursery school teachers just received training about “(…) early childhood development education through an initiative by the Complementary Schools Association of Kenya in partnership with Nairobi county government and Care for All Kids International organization from China” (CCTV, 2016). However, Mr. Charles Ouma, National Chairman of the Association claimed “(…) that some of the “Some of our teachers have served up to 15 years with no training and the government urges all informal school teachers to be certified within three years, but no one can afford college training”.
It is really hard to digest this information that teachers have served 15 years as trainers in schools without necessary training about new educational skills or personal development. These are things that have to be drastically changed in many societies to meet up with contemporary demand.

Cctv-africa (2016). 200ntechers from informal settlements trained in Kenya. Retrieved from: Access on 27.08.2016

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