G/A Philanthropy Research Conference – 22.10. 2016, Linz/Austria

The next Global/Africa Philanthropy Research Conference is taking place on the 22nd of October 2016 at IBIS HOTEL in Linz/Austria.

1 We give priority to Women and Childcare

The Topic is “Paving the gateway into Philanthropy Leadership and entrepreneurship for sustainable (African) society”.

In addition, the emphasis is focused on Networking, Corporate Social Responsibility, and coordination of human capital, expertise and exchange of best practices. This is to guide the participants to reflect on a Sustainable Action Plan, support, and assistance various social welfare production and security measures in (sub-Saharan) African Society. Despite that, we shall address these issues: Health and Child Care, Young people` school to employment transition, Education policy, African` Migrants with Refugees, and the creation of “Green”Jobs in African Community

Also, there are a series of value-added workshops and training, scientific study papers. and social welfare projects that shall be presented during the conference. As a matter of that, the papers consist of following themes: Gender & Sustainability, Women and Children, Healthcare, Hygiene & Sustainability, Youth & Leadership , Environment & Sustainability, Diaspora, Remittances & Sustainable Economy, Labour market transition, entrepreneurship & Sustainability , Global/African Migration trend, Integration & Diaspora, Education & Sustainability, Finance & sustainability, Human Rights and African Refugees , Peacekeeping, Conflicts and sustainability, Political Institutions, Good governance & Sustainability etc.

Moreover, we shall launch the first edition of the newly conceptualised global/African Philanthropy Research Magazine. It will fully cover all the research papers and projects presented during the conference

Participants flying from Africa and Asia, please contact the under Email for your information, eligibility, and entitlement.

Eddy Bruno
Project Leader

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