Y-SkillLab Training to smooth School-to-Work Transition Process



The school-to-work transition process is a path full of uncertainties and difficulties. Most especially, young people and young adult between 15-19, 19-24, and 24-29 face lots of challenges with early career and first entry into the job market. In addition, the often have inefficient specific skills with precarious contracts and working poor (tendency of working, but not able with the current earnings to meet up with financial demands). Nevertheless, who are those suffering from this social risk? Of course the young people, especially those without the necessary social capital (networking, education attainment, relatives in top ranking position etc.).

In this case, social capital is an essential prerequisite that serves as an entrance card into the labour market system. However, in many countries, it`s limited because young people are often knocked out of the education system with insufficient skills and negatives remarks. This will equally reduce their social mobility and deprived them from basic needs.

In order to smooth young people school to work transition process, Y-skillLab project is designed to tailored solution-driven active labour market measure. It`s to assist and support young people with acquired specific employers’ skills (such as entrepreneurial skills, literally skills, language skills, media competence, etc.) which serves as a prerequisite to employment and entrepreneurship. Therefore, through this active labour market measure we have offered laptops to a community in Cameroon. It is to facilitate disadvantaged young people to have access to upgrade their skills and smooth the school to work transition process.


Eddy Bruno: HIBA Founder and Project Leader


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