Global/African Philanthropy & Policy Research Magazine

Publisher & Chief Editor: Eddy Bruno

Global African Philanthropy and Policy Research Magazine is created to publish philanthropy and policy research about (Sub-saharan) African countries. The aim of the magazine is to assist researchers, students, Graduates , Postgraduates , education institutions, policy makers, the third sector and all other stakeholders dealing with Global African’s Philanthropy and Policy studies to have access to database, findings , and evident about African. In addition, the themes of articles and studies are mostly about the social welfare production regimes/governances and systems such as the education system, healthcare, childcare,labour market and employment system, as well as other social policy and advocacy. It’s also a platform for networking, exchange of ideas, guidance, assistance, counselling, coaching, and support to advocates, NGOs, NPOs, Foundations etc.


Magazine Front page

Chief Editor/Publisher
Eddy Bruno

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