Y-SkillsLab (Re)Training Workshop for Solidarity in Practice

Trainer: Eddy Bruno, HIBA Founder, Youth`s Researcher, and Skills Formation Trainer

Facilitating a Y-SkillsLab (Re)Training Workshop tailored to assist, counsel, and Support Young People Transition and life-course trajectories. A day of solidarity and humanity, where we reflected with the children together about different societal development problems.

We focused on contemporary difficulties in Cameroon`s education System, where many children aren’t at school. This have jeopardized their life-course and adversely contributed to their missing academics year and socialization process.

It was a fantastic Workshop and we all had lots of fun to work together.

Thank you so much for all your Support and assistance to improve children`s life-style in Cameroon and Africa at large.

Looking for our next activities and Workshop Training with the children

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