Pilotprojekt Of all the HIBA activities since the founding in 2011, the renovation and extention of the very desolate school building of the primary school building in Bai Bikom appeared to be the one with the highest importance. The chief of Bai Bikom therefore donated a piece of land, 1.3 ha in size, near the town center for the new school building to be built on. The project consists of 5 phases. 1) Equipping pupils with backpacks, school materials, books and clothing. 2) Renovation of the amenity near the school and the creation of a football, handball and a volleyball field. 3) Construction of a small farm consisting of a chicken coop and a garden. 4) Construction of a school building with 6 class rooms and 2 additional rooms. 5) Inauguration ceremony with the town community. The project is supposed to be implemented as a teamwork of the HIBA association, the town people and the local institutions. The operation of the school and the building are to be sustained by the income produced by the farm mentioned in 3). The teachers are payed by the state and by private educational institutions.

Further Infos: Project description (Google Docs, german)

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