Our philanthropic, humanitarian, and non-profit association (Hilfsverein Baileke – HIBA Foundation) is designed for developmental activities with the blueprints of activation policy`s models such as to coach, assist, counsel, and support (young) people, children, and adults through skills formation and active labour market policy measure to access the labour market, healthcare , employment, education system and other social welfare productions regimes.

The emphasis is laid on trans cultural networking, building of synergy, networking, African`s  diaspora as well as children and young people`s school-to-work transition trajectories. We assist and support: School buildings, offers didactic materials, organised conferences and value-added workshops for skills formation, and enable children of indigent families to obtain an education.

Furthermore, we rely on gender equity projects to empower young girls and women for an egalitarian, inter/intra personal growth, and an active inclusive society.

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