Founder`s Vision

EddyBrunoEsien I, the founder/president of HIBA, was born in Cameroon and live in Linz-Austria. My motivation of creating HIBA Foundation is to collectivelly assist the society and actively participate to Inclusive Growth, Socio-economic Justice, Human Rights, and Equity Redistribution.

In addition, we focus  on (Sub-Sahara) Africa`s migration management, social integration and socialisation process, global networking and synergy, skills` formation  to reduce  (youth) unemployment and facilitate Job placement, third-country`s nationals transition to employment/work, Childcare, Healthcare, Elderly care, Housing , eradicatiion of (Social) Inequalities, and Social/Public Policy recommendations.

As Sociologist, Welfare and Public/Social Policy graduate, Diplom. Case Manager, I`ve been researching and assisting (young) third-country`s nationals transition to school/work. My profession, principle, and social ethical values are not just to support the people, but assist everyone to understand, identify, and activly participate in societal development process for self-reliance and sustainability.

Therefore, we work not on a one-size-fits-all solution, but actively with the strategic actors [(local) population, Institutions, Stakeholders, firms, etc] inclusivelly for a corporate social resposibility.

Notwithstanding, the activities of the foundation, which was founded in 2011, started with a school pilot project, where we funded the institution with didactic materials and repaired the dilapidated structures.

Eddy Bruno, BSc, MMMSSc.
HIBA Founder/President

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