Mission Statement

 We build our society collectively.

“Hilfsverein Baileke” (HIBA) is a Foundation with the headquater in Linz – Austria, founded by Esien Eddy Bruno in 2011. The main purpose of the Foundation, whose activities are exclusively solidarity, humanitarian, redistributive, and non-profit, is the support of global Africans, African communities in the Diaspora, Schools/Institutions in Europe etc. for trans cultural networking, synergy, inclusive growth, and a sustainable development society. The activities of the Association revolve around the following activation policy measures and social welfare production regimes:

  1. Increase educational opportunities, assist to achieve suitable skills, as well as counselling for new perspectives;
  2. Maintenance and rehabilitation of education centers;
  3. Promote literacy Skills, especially through support of disadvantaged families by paying childrens`school fees, purchase of didactic materials, etc;
  4. Sustainable self-reliance through active labour market policy measure/projects such as Vocational education training, value-added Workshops/conferences, skills formation and upgrad trainings, assistance, coaching, and counselling etc;
  5. Support in inter/intra personal growth, legal, and socio-economic lifestyle;
  6. Promoting coexistence in the (Diaspora)community;
  7. Improvement of social integration , inclusion and sustainable growth;
  8. Improve access to housing, labour market system, emoloyment, healthcare, education system, as well as living conditions;

In all HIBA activities, emphasis are lead to Self-reliance, Active and Participatory Policy Measures, Inclusive and Equitable Redistribution, Gender Equity, Self-responsibility, and Sustainable Developmet Process. Moreover,  HIBA foundation is building a Trans-cultural Exchange for Synergy, Networking, and Corporate Social Responsibility.


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