Donations Account
Bank: Raiffeisen Landesbank
Account number: 5057591
Bank number: 34000
IBAN: AT523400000005057591

The association enables global members and Austrians to be actively involved in development cooperation. This can be through club membership, advocacy, by working for or visiting our events, or by means of support in kind or cash donations.

The annual fee for a club membership is currently 30 Euros. For students with low income, and those living in eastern European countries the annual fee costs 25 Euros. All other membership arrangements are found in the club-laws. The activities are documented in a weblog on the HIBA website as well as HIBA the Facebook site, giving the donors transparency about the usage of donations and resources.

Join us and become a member of the Hilfsverein Baileke (HIBA) association! So you too can give children a future.

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